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Free Event – Alt Press Fest

Please join us! Alt Press Fest Saturday, July 8 12noon-4pm Salt Lake City Public Library 210 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 We will be unveiling Volume 02 of Guerrilla Artfare! This may be the final chance to get Volume 01 & Volume 02 as a bundle! Bring the family for some Salt…


Free Event – Grid Zine Fest

Come join us: Saturday, April 8th Salt Lake Arts Academy 844 S. 200 E. 11am – 5pm Free Family Friendly Event! Come see all the local magazines being created here in the belly of Salt Lake City! We invite you to come hang out and enjoy your life!


America’s Roughest & toughest

I don’t know where to start; the immigration enforcement that is also racially profiling, the criminal contempt charges the sheriff faces, the inhumane tent city ran under his rule, or the man’s disgraceful attitude. Sheriff Arpaio has been the elected official of Maricopa County for the last 24 years, since 1993. I can’t say he’s…


Brewers Cave Utah

Lots of speculation exists about the story of John Brewer and his cave. I myself am part of that speculation but Utahna Jessop is quite convincing in her lecture, “Nephilim Giants found in Utah, Brewers Cave Untold Story.” She brings forth many points and many accounts that leave you wondering if this is an actual…


Dakota Access Pipeline

Brought to you by Energy Transfer Partners and the 17 banks funding their operation at a measly 3.8 billion dollars The pipeline is quite the scary endeavor to witness. With it spanning hundreds of waterways and four states, it’s quite sickening to see so much media silence, almost as if it is being swept under…


Billiard Balls in Space?

As we roll through the invisible reality of our solar system we are absolutely uncertain about any true outcomes that could possibly be coming from the abyss. The history we have scratched into clay so far only resembles a fraction of existence and a minimal understanding of what is actual or even possible. Recent fly-by…