Billiard Balls in Space?

As we roll through the invisible reality of our solar system we are absolutely uncertain about any true outcomes that could possibly be coming from the abyss. The history we have scratched into clay so far only resembles a fraction of existence and a minimal understanding of what is actual or even possible. Recent fly-by asteroids and comets have seemed to spike lately and some have only been seen days to moments before their near miss of Earth. Personally, I began stumbling through information about these cosmic connections and how our history ties into possible happenings based on cycles recorded into our history books or scratched into rock a long while back. Funny enough, the mysteries of what we call outer space go far beyond misunderstanding. We are also finding that the truth depends on the perspective. Take for example the works of Thunder Energies Corp (TNRG:OTC) who has detected invisible entities by simply using a different system called the Santilli telescope created by Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO Thunder Energies Corp. By using a concave lens in the binocular telescope instead of a convex lens used in traditional Galileo telescopes, they are able to see Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) of the dark and bright type. This is incredible and reveals how little we do know; it tells you directly that seeing is NOT believing. Our eyes are stupid and can easily be deceived by a black and white 2D printed image.

Okay so what, we are discovering things all the time and that’s what science is all about right? Well, what about history? It can work in tandem with science to provide the modern era with vital information regarding our future due to natural cycles that do exist all around us. The information about these cycles may have been lost upon the cycle concluding itself and beginning again. Science may get blindsided by such events when we ignore our past and aim solely toward tomorrow. One of these cycles that pop out both in science and history is the possibility of a worldly reset. One where the earth goes through changes and when our Mother Earth does layers of ice and earth are left behind leaving a hint of a clue to you, the current breathing person, as to what transpired. Folks talk of lost civilizations and technologies, that people once moved heavy stone into position giving us our true wonders of the world and we have no clue how in the hell they did it. This, along with discoveries of ancient cities under our oceans and strange giant human skeletons being unearthed by modern archaeologists implies the past is not exactly what we decided to tell everyone it was.

In our modern world we are downloading news all the time, and unfortunately we are finding that our sources are often found floundering around fake news more so than truth. These news articles give rise to the direction of truth yet provide no understanding of it and do not dare hint toward any real truth. However if you use your mind and do your own research your heart will help you understand. Almost an oxymoronic science of the modern sense for everyday humans.
These cyclical events I speak of occur all the time from watching water evaporate and fall back to earth to entering a new year. I want to focus on the events that may have happened before, but it has been a long enough time for written history not to have witnessed its happening like we would witness a new year today. Many individuals such as Marshal Masters, Zakaria Sichen, and Gill Broussard have looked into such cycles and all have come to similar findings. They speculate that every so often our Sun’s binary twin star named Nemesis passes through our solar system and causes havoc among the inhabitants of both systems. The Nemesis system has been said to have three planets, two of them having moons. The star itself is said to be a Red Giant and is incredibly dense. In fact they say the density of the system as a whole is quite intense. Some people point out the Mayan calendar to explain this cycle and that the inhabitants of earth would start seeing the effects of the Nemesis passing at the end of the calendar’s count. We have all been deluded by Hollywood to think it will come as a flash, pop or bang and it may, though I have noticed the strange shit happening to our home world and the oddities happening throughout our Solar System for a while now. For instance, Mars has ice caps and those are melting too! Jupiter’s pole lit up as well this last year telling all of us something is up, and it isn’t exactly global warming caused by humans. That is clear for anyone with a brain to figure out. Something is disturbing our solar system soup and we are being misdirected from the truth. NASA announced Planet 9 last year as well and it is NOT a coincidence.

According to Michael Masters, this Nemesis system is currently on the other side of the sun making its perihelion above the Galactic Plane. We are going to be passing through the Nemesis system tail as it moves back down through the Galactic Plane; we will also be affected by the systems intense magnetics. At this point we have seen our poles drift a great deal and we are witnessing the effects in our weather, which is translating to our food and in turn we are affected. We don’t seem to notice much unless it is trending as a buzzword and those only exist to distract us from the real deal.

As this Nemesis system moves below the Galactic Plane these researchers say the density of the system has the potential to trigger a pole flip. If a pole flip happens we will see another layer inlaid on Mother Earth’s surface as volcanic ash fills the sky, water washes over the adjusting surface removing everything, and we are being pelted by foreign objects from the tail of debris left behind from Nemesis, not to mention the invasion of alien beings who live in the Nemesis system.

Others have the reverse thinking when observing the crossing that is transpiring. A backwards view is where our system is the one passing through the Nemesis system and we are the ones making our perihelion within their system. This would make the planets within their system appear much closer and would not be seen far off behind our sun as minimal dots in the dusk of our sunset. We would instead be seeing massive objects in the sky blocking out the light from our sun and that may be the only evidence we might see with the naked eye. This mixed with the evidence of our drifting magnetics is painting a picture, but what could that picture truthfully be?

Our current records of history may or may not make it to the next cycle, leaving us to consume nonsense and become fat in our ignorance possibly causing us to lose everything we know… As we do make our way through the invisible abyss we may want to guide one another and do our best to understand together as a whole species what life is.

Or is Earth more so a Flat Place?

As we reel from the ideal of a crossing or impact, we have another perspective being entertained that may put the ball model away and let you know you are safe. The re-emergence of a flat home is gaining momentum recently within the truth community. This implies we are the center of all creation and it all moves around us. Again, look it up and see the noise on the topic for yourself before you give into any ploys being used against your mental health. This also includes a creator and does not imply the chaos of all those balls crashing into one another. People like Admiral Bird have given explanations of the earth he calls beyond the South Pole at the bottom of the world. He claims he saw a continent of a good size and that it had plenty of resources for the people of the world. We also have people like Matthew Boylan who claims he painted the ball images of earth for NASA and is now actively working toward informing the public of the great ball deception. Another interesting fella is Eric Dubay, a yogi who is also informing people like you and me about the illusion and aims to help the people take back their power. After all, knowledge is power, right?
While stumbling through this crazy world of information that is supposed to be helping paint the larger picture and helping me obtain knowledge, I am instead bombarded by other possibilities and finally come to a simple understanding. Nothing is as it seems and only one truth remains: you’re truth, and this is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if the Earth is a ball, flat, hollow or a prison. We are here and our goal must be to find peace among the noise for ourselves and the faith that this one thing can be passed along to others in some form.

The implied division set up by creating sides and defending the truth is toxic for us if we desire to get there together. Basically, in the end you have to go find the truth for yourself and make up your own heart, look it up and prepare for what you find. I have given you names to start the search. You will find so much more along your path and I hope to see you sharing what you find with your fellow people. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Keep your head up!

Wait, did you say Aliens or Demons?

Why yes, I did mention an alien invasion and I only brought it up because of Carol Rosin, a former Aerospace Executive of Fairchild Industries (1974 – 1977). She states and swears she will testify before congress that she worked with Dr. Werner Van Brown and in that time he told her “you will stop the weaponization of space.” Carol has since approached the public several times attempting to inform them of the late doctor’s message. Dr. Werner Van Brown told Carol Rosin that there was a game being played and there would be a push to put weapons in space. He mentioned that there would be a series of events in order to achieve this objective to obtain world domination. First, we would see the Russians become our enemy with their killer Satellites followed by terrorists, then we would see nations of concern. After this we will see asteroids become a threat in order to build these satellite weapons. Finally, the “final card” would be an alien invasion and we will need to defend ourselves against these threats by weaponizing space. It seems many of these fearful tactics have already come to pass and we are now on the threshold between asteroids and aliens. Dr. Werner Van Brown also told Carol Rosin that this was all just a LIE to get weapons in space and that she was responsible for stopping this diabolical move. She has addressed the public on this topic many times, though it does not seem to gain traction and the information reaches almost no one. It might be time to open our eyes, turn off the Hollywood entertainment and understand the conditioning that sci-fi brings to our human sub-conscious. We are fed this idea that we either battle the alien threat in a desperate attempt to save ourselves from extermination such as Independence Day or we live life with the aliens and grow together like a StarTrek reality, or a force is awakening for the dark and light sides to rule the galaxy. After all, it was Richard Nixon, our 37th President, who said

“Just think how easy it would be… if suddenly their was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet, outside in the universe. We’d forget all the local differences we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together.”

“Our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world, and yet I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?”

“What if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer power from outer space, from another planet. Wouldn’t we all of a sudden find that we didn’t have any differences between us at all. We were all human beings, citizens of the world and wouldn’t we all come together to fight that particular threat?”

It does not really matter how we think it could be, it matters when we get played like a fiddle in this so called GAME that Dr. Werner Van Brown mentioned we were all playing. Officially, all they have really achieved through this noise is to convert humanity’s view and belief of what demons used to be and call them aliens. I would argue that most of the aliens we observe such as UFO’s or UAP’s are men playing the same games with you and your mind. The truth has been told to us among the rocks, written between the lines of history, and even broadcast on YouTube. It is up to the individual to seek the truth and if one does truly seek it, one shall find it.


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