Volume 04 – Release!

We are very proud to have finally completed piecing together Volume 04 of the Guerrilla Artfare chronicles! This volume is chalk full of artists who submitted to the magazine. Keep the submissions coming for the chance to be featured in Volume 05!

Artists who can be found in Volume 04:

Heather Graves @sombre_clair
Katherine Shepard @esoteric_artistry
Jeem Seems
Kinzie Rueckert @artist_kinzie
Mario Vega
Martin Ortega
Red/40/ @killred40
Ryan Harrington @astray.art
Skyler Winder
Shauna Meek
Trishula Devi

Our artist for this Volume is Martin Ortega. He has been a part of Guerrilla Artfare since the start and uses various canvas from traditional paper to clothing. Look for his homegrown artwork around town.

Thank you for contributing and playing the game! Find the zine free in the street and get clues to where it will be by following our instagram @weareguerrillaartfare and @guerrillaartfareslc


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