Volume 03 – Release!

Here we are at Volume 03 being released in Salt Lake City mid September. It was wonderful to see everyone who could make it out to the Urban Arts Festival booth.

We love seeing all the artists come together in the form of submission to magazine in order to share thier own unique perspecitve of life. The artworks themselves show us a window into the artists mind. We can, for a brief moment, see what they see though we may never have the understanding to fully comprehend the shared perspective itself as the artist. How perspective works qualifies each peice as being worth 1000 words so they say. There is no debating that.

We thank all the artists who were part of Volume 03
Alexa Harding
Brian Shay
Kiana Pennock
Mertin Ortega
Mathew Ellard
Michael Beasley
Oyate Tubby
Ryan Rue Allen
Summer Chlarson

Thank you for being brave and submitting a piece of yourself into the Guerrilla Artfare platform. We aim to keep the platform a free experience for as long as possible. If you want to perpetuate this process of printing artwork and distributing it throughout town please subscribe or tell others to subscribe. This is our only current method of funding along with selling artwork, books & zines at shows around town.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out to get yourself a FREE copy with collectors card. The artist selected for the collectors card for Volume 03 is Alexa Harding. Thank you Alexa for sharing such a mind bending piece. We very much enjoyed the vibe it presented and are happy to have Between Here and There as our collectors piece. Find Alexa online (instagram @ahjahlonerwolf)!

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If you would like to submit please go to:
fill out the form and select the file you would like to upload. We will reach out to you and work together to setup your layout. Please feel free to share whatever you want about the artwork or about yourself.

Thank you for making this magazine possible. You F&*%#^@& ROCK!


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